As Twitchy told you, YouTube has buckled to Vox’s Carlos Maza et al. and demonetized Steven Crowder, citing “a pattern of egregious actions.”

You’d think Maza would be thrilled about this. He got what he came for, right? Nope. After all that, it’s still not good enough for him:

Maza’s Vox colleague German Lopez is pretty pissed, as well.

Well, if YouTube won’t remonetize him unless he removes the link to buy his t-shirts, then he’s not getting any income from merch, either. So what’s the problem, German?

Is Carlos really this dishonest, or just incredibly self-unaware? Either way, he’s guilty of some hardcore projection right now.

What does YouTube need to do to satisfy Maza? Have Crowder milkshaked? Arrested?

What other option is there?

No, that would make too much sense. God forbid you don’t buy tasteless t-shirts you don’t like and don’t watch videos that offend your selectively delicate sensibilities.

Crowder would’ve continued to do whatever it is he does had Maza chosen to act like an adult and just ignore him. Instead, he’s turned Crowder into a martyr of sorts and made himself look like an even bigger fascist jackass.

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