As Twitchy told you yesterday, Joe Biden’s campaign got busted for plagiarizing multiple sources for his big, bold climate plan.

Before we proceed, you might want to sit down and prepare yourself for the shock that will come with learning that the plagiarism wasn’t limited to his climate policy:

More from the Washington Post:

In the case of his education policy, Biden used a sentence word for word from an education policy publication from the group XQ Institute.

“Students who participate in high-quality career and technical education are more likely to graduate, earn industry credentials, enroll in college, and have higher rates of employment and higher earnings,” the sentence read.

The institute did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and the Biden campaign declined a request for comment on the education policy passage. After The Washington Post contacted the campaign about the sentence, it added a link to the institute’s publication.

Anyone else notice a pattern here?

Decades later, and Uncle Joe still hasn’t learned his lesson.

Maybe he’s not, though.



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