You’ve gotta love all the virtue-signaling celebrities threatening to take their talents out of states with anti-abortion legislation. Apparently the right to murder unborn babies is a cause so just that it’s worth losing work over.

“Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner, for one, isn’t about to let those backwards pro-lifers win. She’s taking a stand against unborn babies’ humanity in the name of women’s rights by vowing to keep her stunningly brave self out of states like Georgia:

She’s so stunning and brave, you guys:

Speaking with her X Men: Dark Phoenix co-star, and women’s rights advocate in her own right, Jessica Chastain on Tuesday, both actress revealed they’ve signed a letter saying she would no longer work in states where women’s rights are under attack.

“I have yet to tell my agents I signed it,” Turner told Sky News. “They’re going to be like: ‘What? You can’t work in these states?’ Yeah I can’t work in these states.”

Somebody get her a cookie.

It’s good that Sophie’s finally getting around to this. We were starting to wonder if she’d ever put her money where her big mouth is.

Yes, well, about that:

The reporter then pointed out that the show which catapulted Turner to blockbuster success, Game of Thrones, was largely filmed in Northern Ireland – another place where it is illegal to have abortions in practically every circumstance.

“There was a lot of work of Game of Thrones there,” Turner responded. “So luckily we’re moving on.”

Ah, OK. So filming in a country with restrictive anti-abortion laws was OK when she was getting paid, but now that that’s over, it’s bad again.

Good thing she doesn’t get hired for her intellectual consistency, or she’d be out of work.

We’re on pins and needles over here.

If Sophie ever has a child she decides not to abort, she can tell them all about this crusade.

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