Pro-aborts have yet to make a compelling case that unborn babies aren’t worth protecting, but maybe this’ll do the trick:

Yeah, they’re really doing something. More from Popsugar:

Social justice beauty brand Lipslut is once again rallying for change, this time against abortion laws. The charitable company has just announced that it’s hosting a reproductive rights fundraiser from now until May 24 in which 100 percent of its earnings (excluding the Batch—001 collection) from sales of its products will go toward organizations fighting for reproductive freedom.

Among the liquid lipstick shades you can choose from is F*ck Trump!, Notorious R.B.G F*ck Kavanaugh, and Leftylib. While 50 percent of each $20 lipstick usually goes to a different cause, during this fundraiser, the sale of every lipstick will be put toward pro-choice charities.

Lipslut founder Katie Sones explained to POPSUGAR in an email exactly why the brand decided to take action. “Needless to say, as a young woman these bans hit close to home,” she said. “Women have a right to control their own bodies. It scares me that people want to change that. I think it’s crazy to think that abortion will simply go away – these laws only make its practice more dangerous. Legal, accessible abortions are the only way to keep women safe.”

Wow. Such stunning. Much brave.

Boy, does it!



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