We have to give Megan Reynolds credit: in her piece for Jezebel about Resistance fashion, she clearly makes the point that “wearing the clothing is a stand-in for action” — but that’s pretty easy to tell when the person is wearing “Nasty Women Unite” leggings and not a bandana, a black hoodie, and whatever skateboarding pads she could find to roll with the antifa.

However, it’s pretty much impossible not to point and laugh at any piece covering what The Resistance will be wearing this spring.

So, what exactly is the appeal of a lipstick from maker Lipslut whose color is “F*ck Trump”? Does it stay glossy during an overnight stay in jail for breaking windows and setting trash cans on fire?

But … she persisted.


Proceeds from Nasty Woman T-shirts suggest Planned Parenthood could do without so many tax dollars