Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been railing against the Alabama anti-abortion bill for several days now, but she appears to be escalating. We’re talking full psychotic-break territory here:

Where to begin? How about the fact that the GOP isn’t trying to jail women who get abortions? Or the fact that AOC set fire to her own “climate crisis” narrative by attempting to play her “12 years” shrieking as a joke?

Nope. Because she won’t be satisfied until her goal of a socialist society

It’s AOC and her fellow radical environmentalist hypocrites who are pushing for fewer babies — especially brown, black, and poor ones. They’re the ones insisting that childbirth is killing the planet. They’re the ones who want to keep Planned Parenthood funded so they can continue their mission of murdering unborn babies in poor and minority communities. The Green New Deal would do nothing to help babies. Medicare for All would drastically lower the quality of health care, prenatal and otherwise. And don’t even get us started on the “death+caging of babies on our border” crap.

As a policy expert, AOC is a failure of epic proportions. But when it comes to projection, she’s second to none. You’d be hard-pressed to find a politician who’s more consistently and shamelessly dishonest than her. Her ultimate desire is to subvert and dismantle our republic and turn it into a creepy authoritarian order led by a mad socialist.

No, she’s serious. Which is what makes this even more disturbing.

AOC is not truthful in her motives. If she were, she’d stop masquerading as a benevolent force for good and admit that her endgame is authoritarian rule. If she were, she’d admit that she’s a bigot.

But hey, at least she’s consistent — in her insane dishonesty.

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