You might want to sit down for this … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t being entirely honest about the Alabama anti-abortion bill:

The bill would be the strictest anti-abortion legislation in the country, and even some pro-lifers think it goes too far. But does it do what AOC says it does? No. Even the New York Times article she cites refutes her claim that victims of rape or incest would face jail time for getting abortions:

The Alabama measure, though, goes further. In addition to the potential 99-year sentence for performing abortions, doctors face the threat of a 10-year term for attempting to perform one. Women who receive abortions would not be prosecuted.

But God forbid AOC take an intellectually honest approach to anything, much less a piece of legislation she doesn’t like.

Why doesn’t AOC read the “context clues” in the actual bill before spouting off?

Better uses? Like figuring out what a garbage disposal is?

Who’s the one making bad faith claims? And was it not AOC who said that being morally right was more important than being factually correct? In her case, she is neither of those things. What she is, however, is shamelessly dishonest.

Because she is literally incapable of telling the truth.



This will come as a huge shock, but AOC’s take on the Georgia heartbeat bill is ignorant on several levels