As Twitchy told you yesterday, Elizabeth Warren rejected an offer from Fox News to hold a town hall because she didn’t want to be a part of their “hate-for-profit racket.” In addition to fundraising off her bold stand, Warren was also paving the way for other Dem candidates looking to maintain abysmal poll numbers.

Kamala Harris, you’re up!

More from Yashar Ali:

Presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris will not appear on Fox News for a moderated town hall, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Harris’ campaign has not yet informed Fox News executives of her decision.

A spokesperson for the Harris campaign told me, “They’ve reached out but we haven’t entertained it.”

Of course they haven’t entertained it. Why would they? Fox News only consistently has the highest ratings among news networks and would give Harris a golden opportunity to connect with a wider audience than she might otherwise reach. Their logic is as airtight as Harris’ gun control arguments!

Kamala Harris can’t seriously believe this helps her cause, can she?

Not only is it a mistake on Harris’ part, but we’re pretty sure it’s also an attack on the very fabric of our republic democracy.

So, just to recap for those keeping score at home, it’s totally wrong to impugn a media outlet’s credibility and legitimacy … unless you’re a Democrat.

They’ll get to it. Just as soon as they finish calling out Elizabeth Warren.

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