As Twitchy told you, earlier this week, Chase came under fire for their now-deleted “poor-shaming” tweet.

Chase’s tweet was hardly as offensive as SJWs made it out to be — which is why it should come as absolutely no surprise that that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped all over it:

For a socialist, AOC sure does love to capitalize on nontroversies in order to elevate her own profile and pad her own ego. Too bad she gets the most attention by showcasing her own staggering ignorance.

She’s not implying it; she’s outright saying it.

We’re just shocked that AOC would resort to making crap up and completely mischaracterizing reality in order to push her demented agenda.

The only reason AOC has to do it is that she’s desperate for attention. Which for her is just about the most legit reason there is.

She literally cannot.