As Twitchy reported yesterday, whoever does social media for Chase tweeted some #MondayMotivation, which was met with communist randos replying, “Demolish your bank and redistribute all the wealth” and “We will burn every Chase bank to the ground after the revolution.” That second one earned the poster a Twitter time-out. One clown even posted a series of paintings of Chase branches on fire.

So imagine reading Tuesday that Chase has pledged to be “more sensitive” on social media from now on. The bank has deleted its #MondayMotivation post, but here it is:

So in this corner, we have a bank with no spine whatsoever, and in the opposite corner, a horde of communists who want to either nationalize all the banks or burn them down, spurred by instigators like Elizabeth Warren who preach that everything but the government is too big and needs to be broken up.

ABC 7 reports that some more sensitive individuals took the tweet as “poor-shaming.”

Seriously — how many charities have started off their pitches with, “For the price of that morning cup of coffee…”?

They’re listened to because all the Democratic candidates want their votes and think class warfare is the way to secure them.