So here you are doing social media for Chase, which could be kind of tricky when you have presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren demonizing you every other day in a speech and demanding you be broken up along with the social media giants.

But it’s Monday morning, so why not post some #MondayMotivation?

“We will burn every chase bank to the ground after the revolution.”

That escalated quickly. We’re not sure if Eleanor is a parody or not; her background image is Vladimir Lenin and her preferred pronouns are she and her.

We’d think burning down the banks would happen during the revolution, but we guess you have to go back and set whatever you missed on fire. Reminds us of the Antifa goons smashing ATMs in Berkeley because Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech that ended up canceled.

Here are some paintings of Chase banks on fire if you can use them in your pamphlets.

Eleanor had posted a photo of herself returning from therapy but it looks like her account was suspended before we were able to publish. Darn.

“Thanks for the feedback Twitter world.”