This afternoon, in response to the tragic Notre Dame fire, Ben Shapiro paused to reflect on some of the things that make Notre Dame de Paris so special:

The Bulwark’s token liberal (well, at least the only token liberal over there who’s willing to acknowledge that she’s a liberal) Molly Jong-Fast thought Shapiro went too far:

Is that what Shapiro was doing? Because we’re pretty sure that’s not what he was doing. Ian Millhiser, yes. Ben Shapiro? No.

But wait — she looked it up and everything:

Hummm, Molly.

She almost spelled it correctly. Progress!

It’s easy enough to mock Molly. Mainly because she makes it so easy. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating and irritating when she willfully mischaracterizes conservatives’ remarks as she’s doing with Ben Shapiro’s.

When Ben Shapiro politicizes something, you’ll know he’s politicizing it. Because he’ll own it.

Meanwhile, we’d like to know what Molly would call this: