As Twitchy told you yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled down on her dumb defense of Ilhan Omar by insisting once again that any criticism of her stems from Republicans’ and conservatives’ beef with “progressive women of color.” Notably, she singled out Rupert Murdoch for his apparently substantial role in people calling her out for all the stupid crap she says. So it makes sense that today, she’s going after Fox News:

Is she a stunning and brave warrior princess or a victim of Fox News? Homegirl needs to make up her damn mind, because this constant whining about the negative coverage she receives makes her look like a petulant child. She flinches every time anyone calls her out for being ignorant or dishonest or just flat-out wrong.

And to be honest, we’re getting pretty effing sick of her complaining about being the center of attention when her only successful endeavor as a United States Representative has been making herself the center of attention.

AOC needs Fox News a lot more than Fox News needs her. If she ever had to relinquish the spotlight, she’d lose her entire raison d’être. Remind you of anyone else you know?



Uh-oh! Looks like AOC might need to redistribute some of her animus against Fox News [screenshots]