As Twitchy told you yesterday, GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired back at Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar after she accused him of “dangerous incitement” for accurately quoting her remarks about the 9/11 terrorists.

Saikat Chakrabarti, aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s super-shady PAC pal, naturally stuck up for Omar:

Crenshaw did no such thing. But it’s no surprise that Chakrabarti would lie about Crenshaw, given the company he keeps.

Speak of the devil:

Here’s a fact for AOC: The New York Post’s cover is horrifying, but only in the sense that it serves as yet another disturbing reminder that Ilhan Omar is horrifying and hateful. And trying to shift the blame for Omar’s pattern of horrifying and hateful behavior onto Republicans is incredibly dishonest and disgusting.

The only person weaponizing Omar’s faith today is Omar herself, who is using it as an excuse to spew bigoted, anti-Semitic bile and then hide behind it when it’s convenient for her. Omar is the one harming good and decent Muslims. And so is AOC for defending her.

Well, the quote is accurate. And Ilhan Omar is crude and classless. So defend her some more, AOC:



Sitting the f*ck down would actually be the smartest thing AOC could do at this point. While we’re not New Yorkers ourselves, we can’t imagine that trying to make excuses for someone who so flippantly whitewashed the 9/11 terrorists as “some people who did something” is going to go over terribly well out there.

It really is a mystery.

Ain’t nothin’ rawang with making excuses for a terrorist sympathizer minimizing 9/11.