As Twitchy told you, earlier this week, Slate published a piece by Ruth Graham about the White House holding a screening of “gory anti-abortion film ‘Gosnell,'” aka “another bloody anti-abortion film.” Graham, for her part, finds it just “fascinating” that so many people have taken offense to her characterizing the movie as “gory”:

Perhaps Nick Searcy, who directed the film as well as appeared in it, can explain it to her:

Graham’s been asked several times if she’s seen it, in fact:

Her Slate piece doesn’t indicate that she’s seen it, nor does her Twitter feed. But she knows for sure that it’s bloody and gory because … well, she just knows, OK?

It’s not an “abortion movie,” Ruth. But yes, it’s about a serial killer. That doesn’t automatically mean it’s “gory.”

Graham’s detractors aren’t pissed at the notion that abortion is bloody and gory; they’re pissed at Graham’s blatant mischaracterization of the film.

Stop digging, Ruth, and put your money where your mouth is:

We’ll let you know as soon as Ruth shares that information. In the meantime, she has yet to provide any solid evidence that she knows what the hell she’s talking about.



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