Word is they had to use special cameras to make the bad guy in “The Shape of Water” so two-dimensional, but at least we got some scenes with international film and television star Nick Searcy — certainly the reason that thing won Best Picture … the Academy just didn’t want to admit it.

You might also have seen Searcy in “Gosnell,” which is now becoming controversial again because the White House is planning a screening. The film, of course, is about Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose filthy clinic where he kept babies’ feet in jars was so horrific that even Planned Parenthood called his case “appalling.”

Both Vanity Fair and Slate have made note of the White House screening the film, so soon after the pro-life movie “Unplanned.”

Hold up, Slate and Vanity Fair — “another bloody anti-abortion film”? “Gosnell” “…includes graphic depictions of abortion”? So you’re admitting you haven’t actually seen it, right? It’s a crime drama. Searcy was in it — he directed it — so he’d know.

“Gory propaganda” — that’s a great way to describe a film with no gore that deals with the goriest abortion clinic in America.