Eric Swalwell is essentially running for president on a gun control platform, but don’t worry: he doesn’t want to take your guns. Honest!

After Caleb Hull took a swipe at Swalwell:

Swalwell, ever the drama queen, misrepresented Hull’s tweet as a threat so he could remind us all what a tough guy he is:

The Daily Caller’s Jessica Fletcher had some thoughts about that:

But Swalwell wanted to reassure her that he’s totally got her back and the backs of other gun owners and gun rights advocates:

See? He just wants ‘to take the most dangerous weapons.” We’ve got nothing to worry about!

Don’t be so hard on him. After all, it’s not a lie if you believe it. And we’re sure he believes that he knows better than we do what’s best for us.

Swalwell would probably do a lot more good if he left lawful gun owners alone and focused on his own “dangerous” tendencies:

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