As Twitchy told you, over the weekend, now-former Federalist and Daily Wire writer Denise McAllister took nasty, homophobic swipes at HuffPost reporter Yashar Ali. Her comments were pretty indefensible … so naturally, professional troll Eddie Scarry decided to defend them:

No, it makes her a garbage person.

And speaking of garbage people, instead of taking a few steps back and considering that maybe his take was a bad one, Scarry decided that the best approach would be to take a page from McAllister’s book and be a complete ass to Ali:

The hottest of takes.

Eddie can’t just take the L. Which is why when Caleb Hull waded in to defend Ali:

Scarry got nastier still:

Scarry shows no sign of wanting to see the light.


There’s something very, very wrong with Eddie Scarry.



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