New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can’t be bothered to tackle the subways or root out corruption in the Department of Child Services or New York City Housing authority … because he’s apparently too busy worrying about what you’re putting in your toilets:

Thanks, Mayor.

Right? De Blasio’s not really in any position to be doling out advice.

More about those pesky fatbergs:

We spend approximately $18.8 MILLION a year to degrease the sewers, deal with damage caused by sewer backups, and repair our plant equipment that has been damaged by non-flushable items (like wet wipes) and transport those items to landfill. These costs may grow as people continue to pour grease down the sink and flush more items they shouldn’t. As these costs increase, it will also increase water and sewer rates. In other words, as our costs go up—so do yours!

Since when does Bill de Blasio care about what happens with other people’s money?

Oh, snap!

Maybe Bill de Blasio should sit this one out. Otherwise he might get hurt:


Sounds about right.



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