As Twitchy told you earlier, a second sick migrant child recently died while in U.S. CBP custody. The details surrounding his death are still emerging, but that’s no excuse not to use his death to stake out a choice plot of moral high ground.

So today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing just that:

Evidently de Blasio is unaware that he took an axe to any leg he had to stand on a long time ago. Fortunately, journalist and conservative political commentator Chadwick Moore is around to refresh de Blasio’s memory:

Awful. According to the New York Post article, de Blasio’s office disputed the investigation’s findings:

“It’s no surprise that ACS’s data was cherry-picked to support a simplified and largely inaccurate conclusion,” mayoral spokesperson Aja Worthy-Davis said.

“This report contains many inaccuracies — such as a base misunderstanding of child-protective review protocols and legal rules regarding risk assessment.

“Our focus remains on aggressive reform meant to protect every child that we interact with.”

De Blasio expected, even demanded, the benefit of the doubt when it came to children who died under his jurisdiction. But he’s not willing to extend the same courtesy to the CBP when details are far less concrete.

And then there’s this:

Almost seems as though he’s judging others by standards he himself can’t meet.

Yes. Yes we did.

One other thing is for sure: Children deserve far better than to be used as political pawns.