In a recent exchange with Politico magazine chief political correspondent Tim Alberta, anti-Semitic garbage person Ilhan Omar confirmed that, despite some of her Democratic apologists’ assertion that “she’s learning,” she has no interest whatsoever in not being an anti-Semitic garbage person:


In a preview of her defiance, just hours before the videotaped [“allegiance to a foreign country”] comments thrust the congresswoman back into the national limelight, Omar told me that Washington—and especially her Democratic colleagues—should get used to her troublemaking.

“As much as other people are uncomfortable, I’m excited about the change in tone that has taken place that is extremely positive. The insightful conversations that we’re having about money and its influence in Washington. And my ability, I think, to agitate our foreign policy discussions in a way that many of my colleagues who have been anti-intervention, anti-war have been unable to do in the past,” she says. “So, I’m OK with taking the blows if it means it will ignite conversations that no one was willing to have before.”

Shorter Ilhan Omar: I’m an anti-Semitic piece of sh*t, I’m damn proud of it, and I’m not going to stop.

The Left would be calling for his head on a platter. And they’d be right to. But they’re not. They’re excusing it — and encouraging more.

Brace yourselves.



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