Nancy Pelosi has evidently decided that if she’s gonna stand by Ilhan Omar, she’s really gotta lean into it. So she’s setting fire to her last shred of shame and running with this:

She’s really doing this.

It shouldn’t take long for that to happen.

And it raises a very important question: If Ilhan Omar is so naïve, ignorant of history, and blind to the cultural impact of what she says and does, then what the hell is she doing on the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

No respect is due to Nancy Pelosi. Nor to Ilhan Omar. Omar doesn’t belong on any congressional committee — or in Congress, for that matter.

We’re getting the distinct impression that Nancy Pelosi is full of sh*t. But we’re certain of this much:

If it gets much deeper, they’ll never be able to get out of it. And you know what? At this point, they don’t deserve to. Let them rot.