As Twitchy told you, Matt Yglesias is trying to dismiss conservatives’ criticism of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s remarks as “anti-Muslim bigotry” and attempts to distract from bigotry in their own ranks (unlike “the anti-bigotry, pro-sensitivity” Democratic Party).

The Nation is taking a similar approach:

Phyllis Bennis — who just so happens to serve on the board of the pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace and also defended Marc Lamont Hill’s anti-Semitismwrites:

Attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are rising. One of the first Muslim women elected, Omar is also black, an African immigrant, a former refugee from Somalia, and wears her hijab in the halls of Congress. She is under attack from the leaders of her own party for anti-Semitic statements she never made, for anti-Jewish prejudice she never expressed, for hatred of Jews she doesn’t hold. And the Democratic Party leadership is considering a resolution whose early text, at least, while not mentioning Omar by name, is clearly aimed at accusing her of precisely those things, despite the fact—ignored by the Speaker of the House and other top officials—that she never said or believed any of those words.

For the Democratic Party leadership to launch these false claims of anti-Semitism is a travesty. Ilhan Omar’s words were powerful, passionate, principled, and based on a deep truth. No lights were dimmed that night. Fearless voices, and hundreds of their supporters, from every community, every race, everyone, were all that we heard. And all we needed to hear.

Who are you gonna believe? Ilhan Omar, or your lying ears? And eyes:

Ilhan Omar knows exactly what she said — and so does Bennis. Whitewash her remarks all you like. No amount of scrubbing can change the fact that she’s a bona fide anti-Semite.