So, in case you hadn’t already heard, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is once again the center of attention, and it’s once again for something that doesn’t make her look good.

See, National Review contributor and podcast cohost Luke Thompson has done a little digging, and he’s learned that AOC’s boyfriend Riley Roberts has a email address. How do you like that?

Sure sounds like it …

The irony. The irony.

Oh man.

This definitely seems like something we should’ve heard about before now, no?

So what exactly is her boyfriend’s business with the House, then? And why does it merit a email address?

Does she know what “spouse” means? She thinks tax abatements are the same thing as subsidies so we wouldn’t put it past her to be that stupid. In any event, Luke Thompson may have gone too far in his attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Think he’s joking? Think again. Since raising the issue, Thompson has been locked out of his account:

What’s up with that?

Could it because Twitter’s only real concern is protecting the precious?

So much for transparency, huh?

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Guess Twitter has decided that Thompson’s time-out is over:

Let’s hope he’s back for good … despite the AOC Fan Club’s best efforts.