As Twitchy told you, on yesterday’s edition of “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stelter indulged an absolutely ludicrous take on “conservative men’s” aversion to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If only that were the only ridiculousness to come out of that panel discussion. As it turned out, Stelter’s panel was just getting warmed up:

You’ve gotta see this thing:

It’s bad enough that the women on the panel are blatantly twisting themselves into knots to justify Ocasio-Cortez’s tantrums over being fact-checked — tantrums that they’d be screeching about if Donald Trump were the one having them. But when you’ve got Stelter just sitting there nodding his head in agreement without batting an eye, you know you’re watching a colossal hack at work.

Then you won’t be disappointed:

Well deserved for sure.

Yeah, but it’s fine when she does it.

Brian Stelter may be the most stunning and brave firefighter of them all.

You wanna see sad? Check this action out:

Doesn’t get much sadder than that.