As Twitchy told you earlier, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar hit “send” on a tweet libeling the Covington Catholic students and defending the Black Hebrew Israel. After getting ratio’d into oblivion, she deleted it.

Well, this afternoon, she tried to acquit herself with this follow-up tweet:

So there’s that.

It’s enough to make you question the competence of our elected officials.

No, it really doesn’t. But Ilhan Omar thinks it does, and that’s what’s really scary.

She’s really giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a run for her money.

And they really should give a damn. Because clearly this woman is not only out of her mind; she’s also willfully dishonest.

She won’t apologize … but would you settle for another deletion?

Hey now. That’s a pretty tall order for Ilhan Omar.


She’s been owned. She’s been owned so hard.

Anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting to find out what’s next from Ilhan Omar?



Guys, Ilhan Omar just tried to play it cool over her series of self-owns:

You know what that means: Screenshot time!

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