As Twitchy told you earlier, Covington Catholic High School is closed for the day, reportedly due to security concerns after students and their families were threatened.

Here’s how Talking Points Memo is covering it:

Are we surprised at this spin from TPM? Nope. Disgusted? You bet.

Apparently threats from angry mobs are just “fallout” now.

More from TPM:

The recorded images that initially generated outrage on social media were tightly focused on the students wearing “Make America Great Again” hats who seemed to laugh derisively as they surrounded an elderly Native American beating a drum.

Longer videos from wider perspectives emerged later over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. They revealed that the drummer had intervened between the boys and the religious sect, at a moment when the teens seemed to be getting rowdier and the black street preacher with a megaphone who had been making racist statements against both groups was escalating his rhetoric.

Soon, all sides were pointing fingers , speaking their own truths about feeling victimized and misunderstood. And even after a fuller picture emerged, many people didn’t seem ready Tuesday to let it go.

No, TPM. You know who didn’t let it go? The Outrage Mob who’s hellbent on destroying these kids’ lives. And even after Nathan Phillips stories — yes, stories, as he told multiple versions of events — fell apart, TPM is still running with the narrative that he was just trying to make peace between the Covington students and the Black Hebrew Israelites shouting racial and homophobic slurs (for which the media initially blamed the boys). TPM isn’t interested in the truth; they’re interested in their truth. Which is that the Covington boys and Covington Catholic are evil incarnate and deserve everything they get.

No doubt whatsoever that that’s the case.

Since when have they let a little thing like integrity stand in their way?