Earlier this week, Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory not only defended her mad love for Louis Farrakhan, but she doubled down on it. Even though she claimed that she “didn’t call him ‘the greatest of all time’ because of his rhetoric,” anyone who’s been paying attention to her knows that his “rhetoric” is what she loves most about him.

But just in case that wasn’t clear already, here she is again, doing Farrakhan proud with her anti-Israel B.S.:


Tamika Mallory, ladies and gentlemen. She’s not an anti-Semite; she just has a lot of problems with Israel and Jews. Namely their existence.

Isn’t the Women’s March supposed to be about empowerment? Why can’t she just empower herself to come right out and say that she thinks Israel doesn’t have a right to exist? We all know that that’s what she believes.


The question is: When is the Women’s March going to wake up and rid themselves of anti-Semitic bigots like Tamika Mallory? Until they put their money where their mouths are, they’re not to be taken seriously — or trusted.

Emphasis on “dangerously.” Tamika Mallory and her ilk aren’t just wrong; they’re dangerously wrong.