Anyone truly paying attention to the Women’s March knows that they have a serious anti-Semitism problem. And thanks to the efforts of leaders like Tamika Mallory … that problem is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

On “The View” today, Mallory had a golden opportunity to show that she’s learned from her mistakes and repudiate Louis Farrakhan. Instead, she doubled down on her support of the virulently anti-Semitic bigot:

Watch below:

Women’s March members, this is who you want speaking for you?

Give Mallory credit for this much at least: She’s not ashamed of her embrace of anti-Semitism; she’s damn proud of it.

It shouldn’t be difficult … unless you’re a virulently anti-Semitic bigot yourself. And it’s pretty clear that that’s exactly what Tamika Mallory is.



As an antidote Mallory’s mooning over Farrakhan, it’s worth highlighting Meghan McCain’s sharp pushback against Mallory:

Thank goodness for Meghan McCain.