Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is rightly being called out for her thinly veiled gaybaiting of Lindsey Graham — not to mention her failure to grasp rudimentary mathematical concepts — but homophobia’s not her only problem. She’s also, if you’ll recall, an unapologetic anti-Semite. Literally. She makes no apologies for her anti-Semitism:

Here’s the “now-infamous” tweet in question:

Hard to argue that that wouldn’t be offensive to Jewish Americans (or to any decent American or Jew or human being). And yet, that’s exactly what Omar is attempting to do:

She doesn’t know? Really? So she’s just admitting, then, that she’s woefully ignorant.

Alternatively, she could be lying.

In either case, it’s clear that she’s not to be trusted.

And the icing on this garbage cake? CNN’s hosts didn’t even bat an eye at her explanation.