Well, at least some of the most prominent Resistance figures aren’t making complete fools of themselves over Donald Trump on national television or anything.

Look, we get that Trump’s had — and still has — some super-shady associates. Trump himself is a pretty shady guy. But we have to ask: was Steve Schmidt literally born yesterday? “The greatest crime in American history”? Really?

As the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz notes:

Court filings from Robert Mueller and other federal prosecutors last week linked Trump to illegal campaign finance activity—although he wasn’t accused of a crime—and also showed numerous examples of contacts between Russians and Trump campaign and transition officials. Trump has consistently denied there was any collusion between the camps in his election victory.

Hopefully as the Mueller investigation continues, we’ll get more conclusive answers either way about what actually happened. But in the meantime, Steve Schmidt’s hardly in any position to be taken seriously when it comes to the Trump administration. That ship sailed for him a while ago:

Schmidt, the chief strategist for the John McCain presidential campaign in 2008, left the Republican Party this year over his disgust with the White House. He has suggested the U.S. is worse than Venezuela and Cuba due to its border policies and called Trump a danger to every person in the world.

With all due respect, Schmidt can take a seat.



MSNBC analyst — and ex-GOPer — Steve Schmidt slams the US in ‘DISGUSTING’ comparison