As Twitchy told you yesterday, the Secret Service recently paid a visit to Tom Arnold, apparently regarding some of his tweets about Donald Trump. Arnold wasn’t sorry, of course, but he did manage to work some more swipes at Trump into his explanation.

Anyway, Chris Loesch pointed out that Arnold kinda has a pattern of tweeting things that the Twitter Thought Police are supposed to frown upon:

That got Arnold’s attention, and Arnold just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crap on Dana Loesch:

Don’t worry — it gets better:

Tom Arnold just oozes class, doesn’t he? Unfortunately for him, his efforts to get under Dana Loesch’s skin don’t seem to be having the desired effect:

Pretty sure Loesch wins this round. Handily.


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Looks like Dana Loesch wasn’t finished wiping the floor with Tom Arnold:

Tom’s humanity is debatable. But we digress:

Well, Tom? We’re waiting …