Count Fox News contributor Sara Carter among the many people disappointed and disgusted by SNL star Pete Davidson’s mockery of GOP House candidate and war veteran Dan Crenshaw.

Earlier today, she posted a powerful rebuttal to SNL and Davidson’s lame attempt at humor, drawing on her own experience as the wife of an Army vet who was permanently blinded in both eyes while serving in Afghanistan:

Carter writes:

Davidson’s bad humor brought back this realization: Whether we’re at an airport trying to board a plane with our children and service dog, or in line at a grocery store, a simple “thank you for your service” can really make our day. I do the same every time I see a service member or law enforcement official.

Thank you for your service. Five simple words.

So, if there is anything I’m grateful for in this whole SNL mess, it’s reminder that the real heroes are among us everyday–some are right in our own homes.

Read the whole thing.

Davidson and the SNL cast should take several seats … and several pages from Carter’s book. They might learn something.