In case you missed it, yesterday, Linda Sarsour’s hero Louis Farrakhan pushed back against critics accusing him of anti-Semitism. He did it in his own very special way, of course:

Classy and sane as always.

Of course he is.

Tweeters couldn’t help but wonder why Twitter permits Farrakhan to use their platform to spew his hateful garbage but gave Bruce Carroll, aka @GayPatriot, the boot for “hateful conduct,” which is so egregious an offense that Twitter has yet to explain exactly what it means.

It took some time, but we finally got that explanation we were waiting for:

Nothing to see here, folks.

Good Lord.

Well done, indeed. Jack Dorsey and Twitter have demonstrated quite conclusively that when it comes to policing “hateful conduct,” they have absolutely no consistency whatsoever. Well, except for pretty consistently singling out sane conservative voices like Bruce Carroll’s for punishment.

Take a bow, Jack Dorsey. You’re really doing wonders to earn our respect.