We don’t really expect the MSM to give much oxygen to the news that the Cherokee Nation has issued an absolutely blistering statement in response to Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results. As usual, Jake Tapper is a notable exception.

This afternoon, he tweeted the Cherokee Nation’s statement in its entirety:

And now, he’s getting an earful from Warren’s tribe of vociferous defenders:

Here’s a taste of the blowback Tapper’s getting for communicating the Cherokee Nation’s feelings on Warren’s attempt to appropriate their culture:

Except that’s not what she claimed. She claimed her parents were oppressed because her mother was part-Cherokee and part-Delaware:

But we digress. Back to the outrage train:


Yeah, they should be focused on climate change and destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation.

Considering how many people Warren may have screwed over with her lies, and considering how she falsely claimed Native American ancestry to advance her career and make it to the U.S. Senate, we’d say this is indeed pretty deep and pressing news, CK.

Or does the truth just not matter when it’s inconvenient?

Some people really can’t handle the truth.