As Twitchy told you, over the weekend, Taylor Swift decided it was time to wade into political waters at last. For her first trick, she endorsed Tennessee Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen — who said that he would have voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh — over his Republican opponent Marsha Blackburn.

Plenty of conservatives were rolling their eyes, not necessarily because Swift was coming out as a Democrat, but because she felt like she had to get political. And according to Salon, that constituted a bona fide meltdown:


Yeah, so did we. But let’s hear them out:

Via the Daily Beast, this endorsement did not go over well with many of Swift’s one-time white supremacist fans, who angrily posted about Swift’s betrayal over the weekend on 4Chan’s /pol/ message board.

“WE MUST SAVE HER!” wrote one distraught white nationalist Swift fan upon hearing the news.

However, most 4Chan posters dismissed Swift as a lost cause, and said she would pay for not becoming a full-throated backer of white nationalism.

One particularly bitter 4Chan user even went so far as to predict that Swift would “die of a stroke” this month as divine retribution for her betrayal.

So pissy randos on 4chan are the only evidence of a “conservative meltdown”?

To answer your questions:

Explains so much.