Lefties in search of the next moral outrage thanked their lucky stars today when the Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban. It was perfect. Screw knowing the details of the decision! They’ve got their talking points, and that’s all that matters.

Linda Sarsour decried the decision as upholding “the Muslim and Refugee Ban,” so it should come as no surprise that her pal and fellow anti-Semitic bigot Keith Ellison is running with the same B.S. narrative:

Except no. No they didn’t.

We’ll save Glenn Kessler the trouble: What Keith Ellison wrote is wrong.

Well, to be fair, he might already know that it’s completely false — but he just doesn’t care.

Honesty isn’t exactly Keith Ellison’s M.O.

Oh, we don’t know … it seems to be aging pretty well:

Couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy.

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