Check out how NBC News covered Donald Trump’s Memorial Day tweet:

Real subtle, guys. Especially when it’s contrasted with how NBC News highlights Barack Obama’s message:

Wow, NBC News. You couldn’t try just a teensy bit harder to keep that mask on?

Here’s the thing: Trump’s use of Memorial Day to pimp himself and political accomplishments is pretty damn tasteless, particularly given some of his past remarks about veterans and his proud draft dodging. But it was also pretty damn tasteless when Obama did it.

That’s absolutely correct. So where was NBC News when Obama made Memorial Day all about himself? Where’s their criticism of his deciding once again to pay tribute to the fallen with a photo of himself today? They’re too busy licking his boots, no doubt.

There was nothing low-key about it, though. NBC News couldn’t be any more blatant in their mission.

Seriously. Because you’re not fooling anybody.

Meanwhile, how about this? Maybe, just maybe, no president — especially one who has never served — should be using Memorial Day to honor themselves. Just a thought.

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