As Twitchy told you, Chelsea Handler just about spit out her fifth vodka tonic of the morning when she saw Nikki Haley blaming Hamas for the deaths of Palestinian “protesters” yesterday at the Israel-Gaza border. But it’s hard to sympathize with Chelsea without seeing what Haley said that was so egregious. So let’s watch:

Wow. No wonder Chelsea was so upset. If the truth hurts, she must be in a world of pain right now.

And you know what makes this even better?

Leave it to Nikki Haley to drop the mic without even having to make a sound.

Haley’s refusal to indulge terrorist apologists is rubbing some people the wrong way:

Yeah … about that:

It never has been. And unlike so many of her U.N. colleagues, Nikki Haley actually has the balls to call them out on it.

Damn straight.

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