As Twitchy told you last night, the MSM shifted into overdrive in order to push a bogus narrative about NRA hypocrisy. Outlets like Slate and the HuffPost practically wet themselves with delight over the news that the NRA had banned guns at its own convention, where Mike Pence will be speaking. Just one problem: The NRA didn’t ban any guns; the Secret Service did.

It’s one thing for Slate and HuffPost to push this crap, but they’re pretty much expected to advance narratives with a liberal bias. The Associated Press, though, is a very big fish and is at least supposed to appear objective. But it’s pretty clear that they just don’t give a damn about maintaining any semblance of objectivity anymore:

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Especially given that the article clearly states that the Secret Service — not the NRA — is responsible for the gun ban:

The NRA has said on its website that due to Pence’s attendance, the U.S. Secret Service is responsible for security then. It’s standard for the Secret Service to bar firearms from being carried into places visited by the people they protect, regardless of state laws.

Push that narrative at all costs. Even at the expense of your last shred of credibility.

Just embarrassing all around, AP.

Evergreen exit tweet:



How much you wanna bet that the corrected tweet gets less attention than the original?

You know what’s even easier? Not blatantly pushing a blatantly false narrative in the first place.