Vice President Mike Pence will speak at this year’s NRA convention, and some media outlets took the opportunity to try and create a case for hypocrisy that doesn’t in fact exist. Here’s the approach taken:

“NRA convention bans guns to protect Mike Pence”? Slate took that baton from HuffPost and ran with it:

And they got an assist from the Washington Post:

A great number of pro-gun control/anti-NRA types on social media are helping spread those stories around (that are merely Everytown talking points disguised as news reports), but there’s just one problem:

Fact check: TRUE:

HuffPost, Slate and others won’t let facts ruin a perfectly acceptable liberal narrative though.

Maybe “a little of both” is the answer. The WaPo story got to the facts… eventually:

And yet these media outlets actually wonder why Trump’s accusations of a dishonest media resonate with so many?