Count the Atlantic’s Julia Ioffe among those defending Michelle Wolf’s appalling performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Even many liberal journalists were mortified. But not Ioffe.

No, in Ioffe’s mind, there’s really only one explanation for the uproar surrounding Wolf:

It’s sexist to call out Wolf for her pathetic “comedy” routine. But it’s not sexist to mock Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks. Do we have that right?

Why isn’t Wolf fair game for criticism, then? While Ioffe thinks that one over, maybe she’d care to comment on this reminder from the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto:

Kinda throws a big wrench in her argument that “white guys” get away with “speaking their mind.”

Fitting that she works for the Atlantic, though … she, much like her employer, is chock-full of double standards:

Allegations of incest? “Fair game.” Likening abortion to murder? That’s just a bridge too far.

Ioffe is working for the Atlantic. Williamson is not. There’s a double standard, all right.