As Twitchy told you last night, Fresno State Prof. Randa Jarrar became a household name after her sickening dance on Barbara Bush’s grave. But despite getting called out for her depravity, she didn’t seem too concerned that she’d face any consequences. Because, sweetie, she’s a tenured professor:

Indeed, this statement released last night by Fresno State president Joseph Castro seemed to suggest that Jarrar wouldn’t have much to worry about:

But this morning, some tweeters noticed an interesting detail in Jarrar’s Twitter bio:

Now, it’s entirely possible that Jarrar jinxed herself and will indeed lose her job. Speaking at a press conference this morning, Fresno State provost Lynette Zelezny clarified that tenured professors can still be fired:

But Zelezny also explained that Jarrar had already requested leave for this spring, before any of this had happened. And Zelezny refused to elaborate regarding any possible disciplinary actions. So, if you’re waiting for Jarrar to face any far-reaching consequences for what she said, you might not want to hold your breath just yet.

Something to think about:



OMG. The case of UNHINGED Fresno State professor @RandaJarrar JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT WORSE

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