We’re not sure how to preface this scorching-hot take from Vox, so let’s just dive right into it, shall we?


Dear Lord.

No, we read it. And before you ask, yes. This take is as dumb as you think it is:

In America, you can find inequality between white and black people just about everywhere you look. Stark disparities exist in education, in health, in income. And they creep into underappreciated parts of daily life too, like sleep.

Research shows black Americans on average simply don’t sleep as well white Americans do. They don’t sleep as long, they don’t sleep through the night as often, and they suffer more heavily from sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening disorder. Other minority groups, such as Latinos and Asian Americans, also sleep more poorly than white Americans. But the differences are starkest in black communities.

The sleep gap is essential to understand. It’s a disparity that is both caused by social inequalities and likely to perpetuate them.

No, they’re Vox.

Ironically, reading Vox is a great way to cure insomnia.

Why worry about actual racism when you can focus on this crap?

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