Secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo is testifying today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but it seems pretty safe to say that Cory Booker wishes the spotlight were on him instead. Because he’s doing his best to make himself the center of attention.

Before grilling Pompeo about his views on gay sex (really) …

Booker pressed Pompeo about outspoken anti-Islamist activist — and victim of Islamist terrorists — Brigitte Gabriel:

Hopefully T-Bone would be a little more respectful than this:

Booker: What about Brigitte Gabriel? Do you know her?

Pompeo: I do.

Booker: Someone who runs an organization that has been considered a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Have you ever … were you silent … did you ever call her out on her remarks that are hateful or bigoted?

Pompeo: Senator, I’ve spoken to a number of groups, and my … I believe my record with respect to tolerance and the equal treatment of people—

Booker: But you were, you never … yes or no: Did you ever call her out?

If anyone needs to be called out, it’s Booker. For being an ass.

He’s got a thing for getting pissy about women.

Maybe he and Linda Sarsour can team up. As long as T-Bone doesn’t mind being a third wheel …

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