As Twitchy told you yesterday, the Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has mounted a terrible knife control campaign, complete with a #knifefree hashtag and drawing comparisons between knife use and drug use. But as it turns out, another knife control campaign beat South Yorkshire to the punch and has been at this since 2012.

Oh, it’s real, all right. And it’s spectacular. In a horrifically embarrassing, cringeworthy way:

There’s plenty more where that came from, but we’ll spare you the vicarious shame. Suffice it to say, British nanny staters deserve major props for continuing to make their anti-knife crusade look so damn stupid.

That’s good advice.

God save the Queen … from this nonsense.

Now, it’s worth noting that Only Cowards Carry was born after Caroline Shearer’s 17-year-old son Jay Whiston was stabbed to death. Shearer has made it her mission “to promote Only Cowards Carry Weapons Awareness in the hope that young people understand the stark facts and devastating, life changing, true reality of knife crime.” She chose Cookie Monster as the charity’s mascot because Whiston had a Cookie Monster tattoo on his butt.

It’s admirable that Shearer wants to honor her son’s memory by making Britain a safer place, but knife control won’t make it any safer. All Shearer has really accomplished here is looking silly.

True story.



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