By now, you’re probably pretty sick and tired of hearing from Stoneman Douglas gun control activist and SJW Cameron Kasky. Frankly, so are we. But we’d be doing ourselves and a lot of other people a disservice if we let this slide:

Remember when Kasky called out Kyle Kashuv for a personal attack on another Stoneman Douglas student? A personal attack that was neither personal nor an attack but for which Kashuv nevertheless apologized? And Kasky said he “[wanted] nothing to do with” Kashuv in the gun control debate because Kashuv had gone “low”?

Yeah, those were good times. Because it’s pretty hard to go much lower than claiming that the NRA loves the mass murder of children.

Kashuv was absolutely right when he told Kasky he has no claim to any “moral high ground.”

And what makes it even more sickening is the MSM’s complicity.