Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv is quickly distinguishing himself from his gun control activist classmates, not just with his continued support for the Second Amendment, but also with his positive attitude and willingness to engage with all sides of the gun debate.

Earlier today, Kashuv tweeted about his recent meeting with GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, who survived an assassination attempt by a gun-wielding Bernie Sanders supporter:

Kashuv’s meeting with Scalise was apparently more than his F-bomb-loving, pro-gun-control classmate Cameron Kasky could stomach:

Real classy, Cameron.

Well, anyway, if Kasky was hoping to get a rise out of Kashuv, he was only setting himself up to be disappointed. Because Kashuv didn’t take the bait:

Kasky got off easy there.

Kasky could learn a lot from Kashuv. Not just about the Second Amendment, but about maturity.



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