If you spend time on Twitchy, you likely spend time on Twitter (or wisely let us do the dirty work for you). In any case, you’ve probably come across members of The Resistance who refuse to use President Trump’s name.

Cher, for example, mostly resorts to a toilet emoji, while others just use slurs. Remember when Bernice King passed around a Facebook post advising people to NEVER use the name Trump, saying “45” would do?

Well, it looks like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor and media favorite Cameron Kasky has followed suit, refusing to spell out the name Rubio in his tweets:

So he hasn’t had time to read Rubio’s “little proposals,” but he knows he won’t settle for the two pennies “dirty blood money politicians like him” want to throw at the problem of school violence.

Um … why are we letting high school kids write gun control policy again? Do they even have any idea just how much sway they have right now with politicians ranging right up to the president? Might as well waste that political capital with some snarky posturing.

They want ACTION, and they want it NOW. Hey, here’s an idea: get in line behind the people who’ve been participating in the March for Life since 1974.