Given how much screeching Shannon Watts does, it’s not surprising that she apparently doesn’t listen to herself. Still, though, this is some pretty amazing projection right here.

Here’s what happened: Watts got wind of NRATV correspondent Chuck Holton’s “sexist” comments about her.

We read the MMFA transcript of Holton’s remarks and — in all honesty — we didn’t see the sexism. What Watts appears to be taking issue with is Holton’s mockery of her freaking out over a .22 caliber bolt action rifle — mockery she absolutely deserved. Holton concluded with this:

So here’s my message to Ms. Watts, which I would have tweeted to her, but alas anyone who disagrees with her gets blocked: Shannon, maybe you should just be quiet for a little bit. The adults are trying to work here.

Unless “misogyny” has been redefined as “embarrassing me by pointing out dumb things I say and do” we fail to see the misogyny in Holton’s remarks. But when Watts finds an opportunity to play the victim card, she just can’t pass it up:

Reminder: This is the woman who sneered at Bethany Mandel for wanting to defend herself and her family from legitimate safety threats. The woman who dismissed Mandel’s past hardships — including the deaths of both of her parents — because of Mandel’s “white privilege.” The woman who, rather than apologize for her awfulness and inhumanity, blocked Mandel on Twitter.

And now Shannon Watts is the victim? Please.



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